Thursday, 3 July 2014

From Back to Back again...

OK, I got my Back to Back medal. But the other one is not quite the shade I was aiming for. An Achilles injury, no race plan, lack of training and some stupid nutrition mistakes on the route cost me that (Never try anything new on race day.... Yes, I know. But I did.). After struggling through to the end, the first words out of my mouth were the typical " Never again!!" and I meant it this time. I had also said it after finishing my first run last year, but always knew I was going to do an up and a down run.

I have tried very hard to force myself to remember exactly how bad I felt in the last kms before Durban. I have also reminded myself of when I was physically sick climbing up Inchanga and how bad my legs hurt running down Fields hill, as well as the dejection of my sub 11 hour finish passing by as I shuffled along that last long painful run into Durban.

But it seems the Comrades bug has bitten and although I remember all this, it doesn't seem too bad sitting here in my room writing this. I am going for it again and I feel that there's a chance that I might be saying "Never again!" a few more times.

The Comrades has something special that transcends all that and I have tried to explain that to people that haven't run it. And I cant, they all think its crazy. I do too. But nevertheless I'll be there on the starting line on the 31 May 2015, and I'll point myself towards Pietermaritzburg and run till I see that big yellow finish line and Ill say "Never again!" again.