Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Nike Bomba 2 turf football boots

I have been using the original Nike Bomba Finale turf boots in an indoor football match every Monday night for over a year now and have been very impressed by the control they offer on the ball, their ruggedness and great looks. The synthetic leather still looks and feels brand new even though they have taken many a beating, the traction is impeccable and the off center laces really help with control and feel on the ball.

As a rule, I have always taken very good care of my football boots, cleaning them after every game and removing all those pesky black balls that accumulate in them during turf football matches, because of this they are still in pristine condition and I have had many people (some from my own team) repeatedly ask when I got my new boots.

These are easily the best indoor boots I have played with and I have been through many. The main reason I think these boots perform so well is a simple one, these boots have been designed for turf small-sided football, whereas the majority of other turf boots out there have been designed as outdoor boots, then as an after thought, transformed into indoor boots and the design elements really make a difference on the turf and that is what makes these special.
My year old Bomba Finale turf football boots.

Recently I noticed some field-side advertising during Barclays Premiership matches advertising the new Bomba Finale 2, and I have noticed that Nike seems to be going big with this launch, as the indoor, small sided game is huge in especially the UK.

Nike recently gave me the new Bomba 2 to try out, these are the more budget conscious version of the Bomba range retailing for R599 (as opposed to the R1100 of the Bomba Finale 2) in South Africa, but I really like the look and feel of them, the sole features a similar grip pattern to the Bomba Finale, except for the lugs, so should perform reasonably well on turf .They have more of a fabric finish, but look like they would be comfortable during a hard game.
The new Nike Bomba 2 turf football boot.

I will be playing with them for a while and I will come back with my final impressions, but so far they look good.